What If…

What if acts of cooperation replaced the activities of competition?

What if the world, in all its doings, focused on good and not on evil?

What if all people everywhere wanted the very best for others in all things?

What if all leaders had integrity, honesty, compassion, intelligence and wisdom?

What if governments were made up only of people who understood good government?

What if land use was sustainable, restorative and productive rather than greed-oriented?

What if philosophy did not reject what it does not understand but sought understanding?

What if industry was socially focused rather than politically or economically engineered?

What if education was fact-based, not constructed on intellectualism or social engineering?

What if Christianity was based on its Bible instead of on syncretised, compromised beliefs?

What if all peoples were able to develop their full potential without multicultural melding?

What if the Arts were truly creative, explorative and inspiring before any other interests?

What if the natural world was seen as a partner to mankind’s world, not as an enemy?

What if science was not compromised by military demands or selective funding?

What if resources were used resourcefully instead of as a limitless larder?

What if all sports, games and entertainment promoted goodwill?

What if neither wealth nor poverty were by-products of avarice?

What if ethical leadership was important but celebrity was not?

What if thinking became more fashionable than peer pressure?