Recognising the Lie

Some trials in life seem beyond both belief and solution; no way can be found around the impasse and all help is futile, all government assistance becomes entangled in bureaucratic guidelines and any legal standing is compromised by assessments that are themselves open to challenge. Incompetence, ignorance, opposing directives and the conflicts between the ‘interested parties’ turn a mere web of intrigue into a tangled mess that seems impossible to sort out.

But who keeps that tangled ball from unravelling?

One who is so intent on self-interest that no vestige of morality or goodwill is allowed to interfere in the pursuit of that individual’s greed or lust; it is an exercise in evil being promoted by the instigator as virtue.

And what are the hooks and barbs that knot the mess together?

Despite claims of caring and altruism, all such conflict arises from lies and manipulation.

So, how does this evil succeed in its work?

It works when foolishness replaces commonsense, when one liar is supported by another and when authorities do not work together to truly assess the realities of a situation nor provide solutions that cannot be subverted. It works when victims give way to anger or despair or simply give up. It works when the centre of the conflict, not necessarily being the instigator, is compliant to the machinations of the devious party and does not consider reality as relevant. It happens when the decision-maker rejects truth in favour of a more convenient lie.

Then when does good overcome evil?

Sometimes the fact is that it doesn’t, at least not immediately. Sometimes good results come in the form of a good judge. Sometimes a catastrophe intervenes and suddenly every card is on the table and order is finally achieved. And sometimes, the injured party simply has to walk away, preserving its integrity and sanity, leaving the liars to drown in the foul swamp of their own making. But know this also: with dogged perseverance and good counsel, even a seemingly impossible trial can be overcome – and this, too, is a fact.

Where can one go for help at such times?

Find help that is trustworthy. Search for answers, for solutions. Panic, fury, worry and helplessness are not going to achieve anything; put your energy into efforts that will produce good results. Don’t waste time with things of momentary satisfaction, like futile argument, reacting to provocation or plotting revenge; be proactive and productive and let every move focus on the desired outcome rather than short-term retaliations.

But why do things escalate to such extremes before being dealt with?

Good people tend to give others ‘the benefit of the doubt’ and wait for goodwill to assert itself whereas evil peole don’t waste time on such niceties – they work relentlessly to undermine, saboutage, infiltrate and betray their opponents. They destroy relationships. They dominate or confuse meetings. They lie without blushing. Their desire for gain overrides all ethical considerations and they do whatever it takes to gain that desire. Good people need to hate evil; too often they don’t – they tolerate it and, in the end, it devours them.

Learn to recognise evil motives, evil tactics, evil people – and then conquer them. Take away their power over you – the power that triggers anger, or a need for retaliation, or justification desperation, or anything that ‘grinds your gears’. Learn to discern the difference between image and reality and give no ground to falseness. Learn to assess all things by seeing their fruits, not the basket they’re held in. Learn wisdom.