About the Series

Author: LynMiller

The Genesis of the Adamadas Chronicles

LynMiller believes that fiction should do more than tell a story. Fiction should reveal, not simply relate. Stories do not need to focus on destruction, horror, brutality and corruption for excitement or entertainment; creation, employing one’s imagination with vision and the exploration of potential gives our lives more intensity and a greater power of purpose. Life is made richer. This is what makes fantasy and sci-fi fiction so appealing to so many.

Blue was first written in 1993. It began as a story for children, then developed, as stories do, into a run along a different path. Asha took the story to places not originally considered — as stories do. Over the years, while life interrupted but also inspired the story flow, Blue was rewritten. Characters appeared in the book much as they do in normal life, coming and going, some staying, others passing by, all contributing to Asha’s story of overcoming fear to reach her destiny.

Some characters grew in appeal. One of these was Kanan, impetuous, passionate, a youth trying to find his life-purpose. So Kanan grew into his own story — North of Himal — and the creation of other cultures in other lands, of other people and their interactions with each other, with the amalfa and anafa of The Zhrebat and MoGol, and with their environment.

After Book Two was completed, LynMiller was drawn back to another character from the first book. What had happened to Rogan of Redlands? Why was he alone in the desert when we first met him? Where had he come from and, more importantly, where was he going? So Rogan became Book Three of the Chronicles.

Part of Rogan’s great legacy were his adopted sons, who became known simply as The Six. Their story, at time of this writing, is under construction. The Six are ordained from childhood to be Protectors of the Poor. On a planet that follows ElWay, how much work would they even have in this role? But Adamadas has a one more phase of creation to complete before it attains its Change… The Six tells this story.

About LynMiller

LynMiller is the pen name of the author, who has led ‘an interesting life’. With no career path to follow, it was a natural follow-on from a rambling childhood, spent in Canada and New Zealand, to go to Australia as a young adult to ‘see what happens’. What happened was both good and bad, but never boring. As with most rolling stones, the moss of stability and riches was not in the pocket but in the mind, not the result of collecting things on the highway to success but of collecting experiences and characters along a far different road. These experiences and characters, fully camouflaged, often find their way into her writings. LynMiller believes that creation is more stimulating than destruction, that growth must be intelligent, that true efficiency has a far broader application than the funnel philosophy employed by big business, and that character and cooperation always beats compromise and competition when all points are tallied at the end of the course.

About Mavis Miller

Mavis worked in art-related fields before ‘retirement’, largely in design, cartooning and illustration, but also in teaching art to both children and prison inmates. Not in the same place, of course. After studying art at UNSW, she spent nearly three months on a ‘world whirl’ to soak up art in Africa, Europe,  North America and New Zealand. She has an eclectic range of expression and is adept at using many manual mediums; computer art is still on her ‘to do’ list. She likes the bush, most creatures (including people), her personal independance – and the occasional visit to a big city ‘to remind me why I love living in the country’. Working on the Adamadas Chronicles’ maps, diagrams and illustrations, she says, has ‘a sort of Avatar/Hobbit feel – with a dash of Gaudi, but anything can inspire an image idea – even a pot of parsley…’